Video / Infomercial is one of the most powerful Marketing Tools available.  Think of video / Infomercial as a full color brochure that can move and talk. 

• "Video / Infomercial brochures increase memory retention approximately 50% 

According to the Warton School of Business:

• Expedite buying decisions by 72% 


• Six times as many people will respond to an offer made in a video / Infomercial"

At Cinemagical we capture and communicate your unique message on video, create a marketing platform and a great connection presence. 

Video / Infomercial can literaly transform human understanding and tell a story about you and your services  that you could never tell about yourself. 

Use video / Infomercial brochures to captivate, educate and motivate audiences to becoming enrolled participants in your program. 


Celebrity Media furnished upon Request


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